The Museum Committee is formed as follows:


Director: Loretta Ravazzoli

Appointed by the Mayor through the City Council Resolution no.10, dated February,14th 2015.


Members: Paola Busetti Milena Brusati, Sandra Gabbetta, Carlo Gatti, Concetta Gatti, Dante Gatti, Cinzia Mountain, Enrica Mountain, Fabrizio Moroni Marina Pittaluga, Luciana Rebollini, Contardino Mazza.

The members are appointed through the Mayor Decree No. 1, dated March 3rd 2015 according to the Article no. 4 of the Cultural Civic Museum of Dolls and Vintage Toy “Quirino Cristiani” regulations. The Mayor appoints the members of the Management Commitee. Furthermore, Art. 4 paragraph 3 establishes that the Commitee should consist of minimum seven members and maximum fifteen.

These members, as approved by the Resolution of the City Council no. 48 dated December 20th 2005, will remain in charge in the same period of the City Council, as specified by art. 4 of the Regulation, but this specific article has never been applied before then.