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Santa Giuletta (PV)

The Museum and Laboratory of paper-mache dolls is located on the ground floor of the Town Hall with an easily accessible entrance. It is a permanent non-profit organization owned by the municipality of Santa Giuletta (Province of Pavia – Lombardy – Italy).

A Museum Committee, appointed by the Mayor, oversees the various activities with specific teaching skills.


The Museum is dedicated to Quirino Cristiani, a native of Santa Giuletta who is considered the man who anticipated Disney, director of the first feature-length cartoons in film history (1917) and inventor of the first feature of sound animation in the world (1931).


The permanent collection of the Museum consists of dolls, toys, casts, photographs and documents displaying memories of activities that happened in different factories and laboratories active in Santa Giuletta during the last century.

Visiting the museum can be an experience with unexpected and surprising elements. The exhibition and history of the improvement of dolls and toys is also a story of an economic and social reality of particular interest that started in 1933. It may be considered an Italian work-adventure that in many ways is unique in an economic context.


We are proud to mention that in 1958 Topo Gigio (exposed) under license from Maria Perego was hand-made, in 1975 the puppet Five symbol of the Italian Television Network Channel 5 was produced here, and last but not least, on the occasion of the Moscow Olympic Games in 1980 the official mascot Misha (exposed) was produced, using mink skins provided by Annabella Fur Shop in Pavia, and offered as gift to the Heads of State.


Special thanks to the various and generous donations of dolls and toys, coming also from other areas, that have contributed to increase our museum’s holdings.

Copyright 2015 Studio Immagine Rezzani Casteggio (PV)

Copyright 2015 Studio Immagine Rezzani Casteggio (PV)