The Museum Commitee organizes workshops dedicated to nursery and primary schools’ children where they learn how to assemble cardboard dolls or puppets, first combined with split pins and then coloured and dressed as well. These simple activities stimulate their creativity and are very helpful to understand how difficult is to finalize a complete doll.

It is currently under study, but not yet operative, a workshop activity for secondary school children, aimed at the creation of paper mache subjects.


An event not to miss is the Market Exhibition of Dolls and ancient Toys where exhibitors, coming from all over Italy, display the best pieces of their collections.

During this event are arranged guided tours of the museum, initiatives and meetings.

The second edition of the exhibition was held on May 10th, 2015. Samy Odin (in the picture with the director of the Museum), co-founder of the Paris Doll Museum attended the event and gave an interesting lecture on the theme The Italian dolls exported to France.

Furthermore the special occasion was celebrated through the issue of a limited edition of bottles of wine has been especially created by the local wine producers, the labels of the bottles were inspired by the theme “S. Giuletta the land of Dolls”, the graphic design project of the labels was completely created by elementary and middle schools’ children.